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la voix de l'opéra au Canada

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Supporters acknowledges and thanks all of its funders and supporters:


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  • Domoney Artists Management
  • Opera de Montreal
  • Pacific Opera Victoria
  • Stingray Classica
  • Truck n Roll
  • Vancouver Opera
  • Azrieli Foundation
Individual Supporters

$500 and Above

  • Mr. Richard Cook           
  • Mr. Larry Desrochers
  • Ms. Chantal Lambert
  • Ms. Christina Loewen
  • Mr. Ian Rye
  • Mr. Bruce Munro Wright
  • Mr. Tim Yakimec

Up to $499

  • Mr. Dean Burry
  • Ms. Kim  Gaynor
  • Ms. Cheryl Hickman
  • Mr. Michael Mori
  • Mr. Michael Morres
  • Ms. Rosemary Thompson
  • Mr. Robert Vineburg
  • Mr. Tom Wright  
  • Anonymous

Artist Relief Fund

  • Mr. Adam Da Ros
  • Ms. Catherine  D'Angelo
  • Mr. Hans and Ms. Susanne Forbrich
  • Mr. Ian Henderson
  • Ms. Nina Horvath
  • Mr. Rodney M. Kerr
  • Ms. Christina Loewen
  • Mr. Michael Mori
  • Ms. Wendy Nielsen
  • Ms. Kat Williams
  • Mr. James Wright
  • Mr. Tom Wright