Tim Yakimec

Tim recalls seeing a touring show of Edmonton Opera when in junior high school in the 70’s in small town Alberta. Little did he know he would be in a leadership position with the company over 30 years later! The power of the human voice made an impact then and it still does now – hence, the ongoing association with the company.

Then, in University, the connection was as a summer student developing lesson plans for the season of student dress rehearsals. Only a few years later, after completing his education degree majoring in music and art, and after teaching high school band, choral and art for a few years, he ventured back to MacEwan college to complete his diploma in musical theatre where he found himself back at Edmonton Opera as a tenor in the chorus for one season.

The longest hiatus from the world of opera was when Tim helped found a theatre, “The Leave it to Jane Theatre” in Edmonton in 1985. He was active in performing over 40 musicals/plays, as well as producing and managing the company for over 20 years with full seasons of productions at various venues. During this time, he parlayed his managerial skills into Stage Management as well, and this led him back to Edmonton Opera in 1996. Tim spent the next 10 years as the resident stage manager with Edmonton Opera, intermittently teaching and collaborating on large event management, as well as continuing to manage “the Janes” until 2006.

Tim began working full time as a production manager for Edmonton Opera in 2008. This turned into the position of Director of Production and then to Business Manager in 2011, and finally to the combined position of General Manager/Artistic Director or General Director in 2014 which he still holds. And, the power of the human voice still ignites him after all these years.

Tim shares his life with his wife Jocelyn and their son Sebastian…and their three dogs, none of who sing when he plays the piano.

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