Leadership, Innovation, Networking, Knowledge (LINK) Emerging Artist Programs

Announcing the LINK Emerging Artist Program

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the brand new Emerging Artist Fellowship, the first of multiple initiatives as part of the Leadership, Innovation, Networking, Knowledge (LINK) Emerging Artist Programs. The Fellowship will identify fifteen exceptional Canadian emerging artists to participate in a year-long skill development and leadership training program. All emerging artists across Canada are invited to apply, including but not limited to directors, conductors, composers, designers, pianists, singers, etc. The program is intended for students at any level and freelance artists who are at the onset of their professional careers, and will include consultations, mentorship, and professional workshops. Designed to give a voice and agency to the next generation of artists, the LINK Programs also provide a platform for discovery and skill development. The Emerging Artist Fellowship forges a new path for artists in Canada to realize their full potential both in their artistic field and outside of it.

Designed by and for emerging artists, LINK was developed and run by 28-year old Portfolio Artist and soprano Jaclyn Grossman. Grossman recently graduated from McGill University with a Master’s in Opera and Voice and is the Founder of The Phoenix Leadership Project. Developed to help address the growing loss of work Canadian artists are now facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fellowship’s goal is to provide individuals newly entering the workforce with professional skills, and to motivate and inspire artists to feel more confident pursuing multifaceted careers with alternate paying work opportunities outside of their artistic fields.