Building Your Online Profile

For Opera Artists and Independent Arts Workers

  1. Go to the LOGIN section (top of the screen at
  2. Log in to your account (If you have forgotten your password, use the ‘forgot your password’ feature to create a new password, then hit LOGIN again at the top of the screen)
  3. Click the “View / Edit Profile” button
  4. Check / alter your
    1. Basic Information
    2. Preferences and Security
    3. Contact Information
    4. Address
  5. Check  / alter your Additional information
    1. Artist Type (This is a long scrollable list. If it is missing a key descriptor of your Artist Type, please email and we will add to the list of available options)
    2. Managed by: If you are managed by an agency that is an AOC member, they can be listed here
    3. Young Artist Program Alumni: If you are an alumnus of an AOC member Young Artist Program, they can be listed here
  6. Listings
    1. Create your listing by clicking on the Add a Listing button. OR
    2. Edit an existing listing by clicking on the word Edit

Once in the Listings section

  1. Description: This field can take text, photos, or videos. The ideal set up is as follows:
    1. Bio: 150-250 words
    2. Photo OR Embedded Video
  2. Check your profile information
  3. Additional Images: Drag and Drop if desired.
  4. Save your Listing: hit the Save Listing Button
  5. Save your complete membership details: hit Save at the bottom of this whole section.

How to Embed Video

You can embed video in this section as follows:

  • Keep your AOC Profile Builder tab open
  • Open a new browser tab, and pull up your video on Youtube or Vimeo
  • Look just below the video, and click on the Share arrow

  • Look for the <embed> button, and click it

  • look for the word COPY in the Right Bottom corner, and click it

  • Return to your AOC Profile Builder tab, and return to the Listings / Description section.
  • Note the Grey Frame around the Description section

  • Click the very small html button in the far Bottom Left corner of the grey Description frame

  • Paste your Youtube <embed> code into the Description area

  • Click the same html button again.
  • Your video should now be plainly visible.