Organization Expression of Interest due Friday September 10

Association for Opera in Canada is proud to be a national partner of World Opera Day, which will take place Monday October 25, 2021.

AOC will be producing an all-day event on October 25th, featuring our members with two segments of video content, and a live forum.

World Opera Day is an initiative led by Opera America, Opera Europa and Ópera Latinoamérica and supported by numerous international partners from the performing arts sector and national opera networks. It asserts the power of art to make people better emotional beings, better citizens, and that a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. Its ambition is to reach a wider audience with this positive message. On that day, opera houses and the opera world have the opportunity to showcase the ways Opera engages with its community and can be an example of positive change.

World Opera Day has 3 themes this year:


Re-evaluated production models, taking into account eco-responsible choices


Recognising the diversity of citizens can be better reflected in the sector, in the workforce, on stage as well as in the audience


Preparing young artists and dedicated professionals for a career in Opera

Association for Opera Canada is inviting all of our members to participate with their own appropriately-themed, non-advertorial content: