Christina Loewen

Christina Loewen has led The Association for Opera in Canada as Executive Director since 2009 with a vision focussed on helping the sector build resilience and navigate high levels of change and uncertainty. Recognized for her innovative thinking, collaborative leadership and cross-sectoral approach, she has launched new initiatives and programming for the opera sector in such areas as innovation, resilience and systems thinking, capitalization, entrepreneurship and lean start up principles, and evaluating impact.

Her 20 years experience in the performing arts sector includes domestic and international touring with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, serving as Director of Marketing for Opera Ontario, and eliminating the accumulated deficit and building working capital at Danny Grossman Dance. She has an Honours Bachelor of Dramatic Arts from Brock University and a post-graduate diploma in Arts Management from Confederation College.

Christina is currently leading the development of an innovative Civic Impact Framework and Digital Platform for Opera in Canada to be released in June 2019, a powerful new tool for capturing, evaluating, measuring and amplifying the social impact of opera in communities across Canada.

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