Announcing AOC’s 2023 New Works Showcase!

Exciting news for opera programmers, co-producers, and presenters!

We have just announced the publication of our 2023 New Works showcase, a searchable online directory designed to help industry professionals find new works and works-in-development that align with their strategic and audience interests.

Showcase 2023 features 35 new works-in-development from all across Canada, ranging from solo works by independent artists to a co-production by the Canadian Opera Company. With such a diverse range of works, there is something for everyone.

All Showcase artists have been offered placements in our Coaching program, offering over 100 hours of 1-on-1 and group coaching on project and market development, by internal and external consultants.

AOC’s New Works showcase is a valuable resource that can help you find the perfect work for your audiences. With its easy-to-use search function and diverse range of works, the showcase makes it easy for industry professionals to discover new and exciting works that align with their programming goals.

Showcase 2023 is an opportunity for audiences to experience the richness and diversity of Canadian opera. With 35 new works-in-development, the showcase provides a glimpse into the future of Canadian opera and highlights the incredible talent of the country’s artistic community.

We encourage everyone to explore the New Works showcase and discover the latest and most diverse works of Canadian opera. Don’t miss this opportunity to support the growth of Canadian opera and experience some of the most exciting new works in the industry!

To learn more about the New Works Showcase, visit

Special Thanks To Azrieli Foundation for their support of this program!