Canadian participation at Rotterdam’s O. Festival

O. is an international festival for opera, music, and theatre that runs at various locations across Rotterdam. It aims to open up the art of opera and make it meaningful to the lives of a large and diverse audience.

The O. Professionals Programme celebrates the innovative, incessant, and poignant Music Theater scene

Continuing many years of Canadian partnership, O. Festival 2025 will be featuring Opera 5’s Threepenny Submarine and General Director of Opera 5 Rachel Krehm has been invited to discuss the digital creation of Threepenny Submarine as part of the Professionals Program. AOC Member Stacie Dunlop has also been invited to discuss The Lonely Child Project as part of the Professionals Program. AOC board member and Chants Libres Artistic Director Marie-Annick Béliveau will be in attendance, continuing to nurture international connections.

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Photo Credits – Lonely Child – Eamon Mac Mahon (Left); Sara Porter (Right)