Essential Opera announces Musical Greetings, a February Fundraiser.

A Message from Essential Opera:


February 2-15, 2024

At this time of year, there are a lot of options for expressing romantic love. We wanted to offer something a little different as well.

From now until the middle of the month you can express however you feel to your dearest friends and closest enemies with a musical greeting.

This fundraiser supports the next stage of development for “In Her Hands” by Fiona Ryan.

$1 from each musical greeting purchase will go toward The Youth Project, making Nova Scotia healthier, happier and safer for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth.

Click on the buttons to view the current options and to send a musical greeting! Buy something for yourself or for someone else!

Other ways to donate:

You can also send us an e-transfer to or visit our PayPal link at any time! Let us know it’s for this fundraiser and/or for this opera in the message!
I want to send a greeting

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to our Etsy site

2. Click on the listing you want to check out (you will not immediately be purchasing it just by clicking on it).

3. Scroll to where it says “item details” or  “learn more about this item” to read its description.

4. Notice that each listing has two images – the title card and a still from the video (use the arrows to switch between images).

5. Click “add to cart” and follow purchase instructions.

6. You will receive 2 PDFs as soon as you purchase — one PDF will be instructions, the other is a PDF that includes your video musical greeting and that you send to the greeting’s recipient.

7. You, the purchaser, will receive the item and you will send it to the recipient (Essential Opera and Etsy do not directly send to the recipient).

To purchase customization

1. Click on either e-card greeting or video greeting.

2. Fill out the section that says “Add your personalization” (add as much info as you want – and for video greetings please include notes about how to pronounce names).

3. See “more about this item” under “item details”.

4. You will receive an email from Etsy once we have completed your customization.

5. Then you can send that customization plus the previously purchased song to the recipient.

Email us or message us on Etsy with any questions; the steps might not be intuitive.

Watch this video where we chat with composer Fiona Ryan about her new opera that this fundraiser is supporting!

See the YouTube description for chapters and timestamps or scroll to the following times in the video to see the section you want!


1:00 Inspiration for “In Her Hands”

3:52 New interpretation of Macbeth

5:23 Playfulness and process

6:50 Collaboration and compositional characterization

12:30 Voice types, gender, and singers

14:25 Opera traditions and expectations

19:40 Queerness and non-normativity

21:00 “In Her Hands” Workshop & Fundraiser

22:30 Workshop plans

25:00 Why fundraise now?

26:00 Learn more & Support

28:45 Artists and fundraiser inspiration

33:00 Etsy How-to

35:00 Browsing Etsy Listings

38:00 Customization (video and e-card)

39:40 Custom e-card

41:00 FAQ – How greetings are sent

42:15 Reminder: you get two PDFs

45:00 $1 from each purchase goes to The Youth Project in NS