International Focus: Lírica Disidente (Chile)

From the newsletter of OLA Ópera Latinoamérica

Dialogues between opera and society: Lírica Disidente (Chile) joins OLA

Born in 2018 with the purpose of making a change in the status quo of opera in Chile and generating more development spaces for lyrical singers in the country, the independent organization Lírica Disidente has embarked on different projects where training, creation and production go hand in hand.

Behind this initiative, there is a group of young singers and opera workers, mobilized to catalyze a future in which opera and society maintain a permanent dialogue and in which there are more opportunities to confront precariousness in professionalization.

In this interview, they discuss all of these subjects and other challenges, as well as the reasons for their recent incorporation into OLA and what the next National Meeting of Independent Opera (ENOI).

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