Learning Opportunity: Mohawk Institute Residential School Virtual Tour and Debrief

Date: September 19, 2023
Time: 1:00-2:00 pm Eastern time
Location: Zoom Meetings
Cost: $12 per participant

We invite you to the Mohawk Institute Residential School Virtual Tour and Debrief, hosted by the Woodland Cultural Centre. This Virtual Tour was part of Orchestras Canada’s recent national conference and was a deeply important and moving experience for everyone who took part. You are warmly invited to join this online experience.

During the tour, Lorrie Gallant guides through the former Mohawk Institute Residential School and provides the institution’s 140-year history. You will get to see the different rooms in the school and hear interviews from five survivors of the Mohawk Institute. You can also ask questions or share comments with a Cultural Interpreter from the Woodland Cultural Centre.

Registration is only $12 per person, and spots are limited. Learn more and register today: https://oc.ca/en/mohawk-institute-residential-school-virtual-tour-and-debrief

100% of proceeds to Woodland Cultural Centre.