Pacific Opera Victoria opens applications for 2023/24 Civic Engagement Artist Residency Program

A note from the program director:

Today’s singer is entering a very different professional world than singers at any other time.  Singers are now encouraged and valued not only for the craft they bring to performance on traditional stages, but also for the breadth of their personal practice that lives off the stage.  At Pacific Opera, we are excited and inspired by this development and are keen to invest in developing an artist residency that supports and celebrates a diverse artistic practice in the operatic field so that our stages of the future look like, sound like, and carry the stories of the communities we are from.

Rebecca Hass, Director of Engagement Programs and Partnerships

The focus of the residency this season is to offer our two resident artists a supported creative space to explore and learn through:

  1. Training and delivering programs with Victoria’s diverse community with a focus on meaningful relationships with our community/place and partners
  2. Working with and for local Indigenous community members to connect to this place and your personal reconciliation journey.
  3. Creating a theatrical recital work through dynamic collaboration and visioning with skilled mentors.
  4. Participating in Workshops and receiving mentorship in personal storytelling through text and song
  5. Performing in traditional and non-traditional venues
  6. Mentorship in digital reel creation for personal online storytelling
  7. Exploring artistic administration opportunities and production skills. This will be structured in consultation with the artist. May include:
  • Marketing your work
  • Budgeting a project
  • Project management
  • Fundraising and grant writing
  • Relationship development for self- directed work
  • Mentorship directed towards building confidence and capacity for autonomy for an artist in traditional and non-traditional career paths in music

This is the residency for you if:

  • You are civic minded, with a passion for, or a history of engagement in community spaces.
  • You are exploring, or interested in exploring the operatic voice as a vessel for social comment and engagement.
  • You are looking to stretch out of your comfort zone creatively.
  • You are interested in connecting in a meaningful way with communities through art.
  • You want to develop your creative and performance practice.
  • You are looking for a space to create and work collaboratively with others.
  • You are a Canadian citizen or you have landed immigrant status.
  • You are between the ages of 22 and 40. Please indicate if you have recently completed a Master’s program in voice/opera.

Applications are due October 1, 2023, before midnight Pacific Time

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