Pitch Program Update – a very successful 2023/24 for Bijuriya, availability for 2024-25

Bijuriya is a hybrid of drag artistry, music, and theatre exploring the interplay between Gabriel Dharmoo’s work in and out of drag. While Gabriel is a music composer and experimental vocalist who navigates Eurocentric artistic scenes, Bijuriya is a drag queen engaging with South Asian culture and “brown queers.” Both have marginal practices but they have very different audiences. Code-switching between drag performance, original songs, experimental sound design and the porosity between singing and lip-syncing, Gabriel celebrates his brownness through Bijuriya in a quirky yet vulnerable exploration of his inadequacy to fully represent the subcultures he seeks to embrace.

Bijuriya is gearing up for a busy presentation schedule, with multiple performances lined up for across Greater Montreal Oct 5, Oct 13, Jan 25, Feb 3, and Feb 9. For more information and to secure your tickets, be sure to visit https://linktr.ee/bijuriya.

This show is bilingual and is appropriate for English and French-speaking audiences. If you are a presenter or programmer, she would love to talk to you about opportunities in your 2024-25 season! To see full video, contact dharmoo [at] gmail.com.