Semi-Annual Meeting: Young Artist Programs and Summer Vocal Intensives

Association for Opera in Canada gathered together YAP and Vocal Program leaders from across Canada to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration and professional development. Attendees included colleagues from

  • Opera on the Avalon,
  • Centre for Opera Studies and Appreciation (COSA),
  • Highlands Opera Studio,
  • The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity,
  • Edmonton Opera’s Emerging Artist Residency Program and Rumbold Vocal Prize
  • l’Atélier Lyrique de l’Opéra de Montréal
  • NUOVA Vocal Arts
  • Brott Opera
  • Pacific Opera Victoria’s Civic Engagement Artist Residency Program
  • Vancouver Opera’s Yulanda M. Faris Young Artists Program, and
  • Calgary Opera’s McPhee Artist Development Program

Monica Zarna, representing RESEO, the European Network for Opera, Music, and Dance Education, extended an invitation to the Canadian sector to join their upcoming conference in Brighton.

RESEO has been at the forefront of promoting innovation and equal access to creativity in the arts education sector since its inception in 1996. Monica extended an invitation for the Canadian sector to participate in RESEO’s upcoming conference in Brighton, which promises to be a hub of creative discussions and networking opportunities.

RESEO Conference: November 16-18 in Brighton:
The upcoming RESEO conference, titled “Potential Unlocked: Inclusive and Holistic Talent Development in the 21st Century,” offers an incredible opportunity for Canadian opera professionals to engage with an international community of artists, educators, and administrators. Hosted by Glyndebourne in partnership with Create Music and South East Dance, this conference will be a catalyst for inspiration, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Funding Opportunities for Canadian Delegates
Attending international conferences and professional development programs often requires financial support. To aid Canadian artists in their pursuit of these opportunities, the Canada Council for the Arts offers several funding options.

  1. Arts Abroad Travel (Any time before your departure date)
  2. Professional Development for Artists (18 October 2023)
  3. Professional Development for Arts Professionals (11 October 2023)