The end of OMEP and beginning of ROAM

Nearly a year ago, recognizing the special and unprecedented challenges facing the opera sector as a result of COVID19,  Association for Opera in Canada announced the creation of the Opera Membership Extension Policy (OMEP). This Policy, expiring October 13, has allowed hundreds of members at all levels to renew and join, providing over $100,000 in membership value.

As opera artists continue to face increased precarity and financial hardship, beginning October 14, AOC will enact a new membership dues policy – Relief for Opera Artist Membership (ROAM). While we are no longer able to offer dues relief across the board, ROAM will allow opera artists to access our programs and services regardless of their ability to pay.

ROAM is not automatically applied and any artist may choose to pay their membership dues or a portion. To be covered by the ROAM policy, opera artists must apply the ROAM policy code to their online order at the time of joining or renewing. The ROAM policy will be in effect until the end of the current fiscal year (June 30, 2022), but all memberships purchased or renewed under this policy will be valid for their usual full-year duration.

Association for Opera in Canada gratefully acknowledges and thanks the Azrieli Foundation for their support of our suite of programs called Centering Artists, which includes this dues relief, among several other programs in support of opera artists.

To register or renew your opera artist membership for $0, use the promotional code “ROAM”