AOC Member Valerie Dueck offering FREE mini three-day training “The Musician’s Compass” March 29, 30, 31 at 2pm Eastern

Inspired by participation in AOC’s Opera Artist resilience Program, and by the continuing pandemic recovery efforts of her colleagues, member Valerie Dueck is generously offering a FREE mini three-day training March 29, 30, 31 at 2pm Eastern

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The Musician’s Compass – Free Training!

Are you facing a change? Graduating from university? Switching trajectories in your career? Moving to a new country? Retiring? Looking for a new way of doing what you already love to do?

Over the course of the three 30-minute sessions, I’ll be sharing my strategies for integrating into a new environment quickly. These strategies have helped me embrace change in my many moves (6 countries in the past 2 decades, and counting!) and jump right back into the business of doing what I love: making music!

Save the dates! March 29, 30, 31 at 2pm Eastern.

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Together, we will explore:

  1. Navigating Pandemic Culture Shock
  2. Debunking the Reinvention Myth
  3. Building Community

You are invited to join! We’ll be looking at why it’s important to make a habit of doing something hard each day, showing up as our true selves, and networking (yes that scary old word), and how just showing up for my training ticks all three boxes! 

As it is a live, interactive event, there will be plenty of opportunity to connect with other professionals in the field. And we’ll be talking about why it’s more than okay, and can even be beneficial, when we need to take up a side job (dog-walking, anyone?) to make a few extra bucks. 

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And please, feel free to share this email with anyone in your community who’s going through a change and could benefit from a bit of support right now.

See you soon,