Announcing AOC’s new Strategic Plan: Resilience through Equity

Announcing AOC’s new Strategic Plan: Resilience through Equity

On November 23rd, Association for Opera in Canada announced its new strategic plan during the Annual Meeting of members.

The new plan, called Resilience through Equity, is the result of two strategic consultations, the first in September 2019 before the pandemic, and the second, a our most extensive in our history, The Future We Want Consultations conducted during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 in association with Good Roots Consulting.

The new strategic plan lays out 4 key goals for the next three years:

  1. EQUITY AS A GOAL, EQUITY AS A LENS: Position Equity, diversity, and inclusion as both a goal and a lens for all our services to the sector, using an intersectional approach that champions justice for the oppressed and marginalized, including Indigenous, Black, racialized, Deaf, disability, and 2SLGBTQ and gender-diverse communities, women, and artists at intersections of these identities.
  2. SUPPORT DIVERSITY IN THE ART FORM AS A KEY DRIVER OF THE LONG-TERM GROWTH AND PRODUCTIVITY OF OUR SECTOR:  Long-term growth and productivity in our sector is tied to our ability to diversify the artistic experience to resonate with and reflect our contemporary world.
  3. THRIVING, DECENT WORK ENVIRONMENTS: Support opera artists and professionals through better employment opportunities
  4. ENSURE AOC AND THE SECTOR ARE WELL-CAPITALIZED TO ACHIEVE THE GOALS OF THIS PLAN: Prioritize the allocation of existing and new assets to support the equity outcomes of this plan.

Read the full plan, its goals and strategies here.