AOC Submits Federal Pre-Budget Submission 2024

Association for Opera in Canada has submitted our sectoral pre-budget consultation, in advance of the 2024 budget.

Highlights include:

  1. We support the recommendations made by the Canadian Arts Coalition for $350M permanent investment into the Canada Council for the Arts and Canadian Heritage Arts Branch programs, addressing the future resilience of the broadest arts & culture eco-system.
  2. To incentivize and leverage charitable giving, we recommend an increase and expansion of the Endowment lncentives component of the Canada Cultural lnvestment Fund (CCIF) to $59M to provide matching funds for every dollar raised privately for Endowment and Working Capital to build financial resilience in the opera sector.
  3. Recognizing the unique challenges experienced by the sector’s most precarious workers, Artists, we recommend a renewal of the $60M funding to the Canadian Arts Workers Resilience Fund

Read the full submission: AOC Pre-Budget Submission August 2023