AOC’s New Works Coaching Program 2023 Has Begun !

About this program

AOC’s New Works Coaching program has 35 participants in its current year – with applications from nearly every artists in the New Works Showcase.

Our 2023 Program is able to offer

  1. 3 coaching sessions to each participant – 1 per month for 3 months
  2. The program will comprise a mixture of 1-on-1 and group coachings, with 20 hours of mentorship provided by external consultants Dani Fecko of Fascinator Management, and Barbara Scales of Latitude 45.
  3. All remaining coaching hours will be provided by internal specialist AOC General Manager Joel Klein (

For Program Participants

Book your 1st Coaching!

Please book your first coaching session via this link:

In setting up your meeting, please let us know what specific thing(s) you will want advice or assistance on during your coaching session.

Note re the OAR program: If these coachings are part of your participation in the OAR program, please use this link instead, to set up 2 hours of coaching before March 31.