Bimonthly Professional Company Leadership Call: May 2023

A recent Zoom meeting brought together Professional Company Members of the Association for Opera in Canada, from across the country.

The group talked about a national lack of mid-sized venues and the potential opportunities for cultural infrastructure in empty commercial spaces in downtown areas, but expressed caution about the long-term viability of partnerships with commercial real estate ventures.The group talked about the need for upgrades to existing venues and the development of new spaces in their respective cities and some members mentioned embarking on capital campaigns to address these issues.

They also discussed related Urban Space trends including repurposing office spaces for housing and the role of arts organizations in building community.

The group talked about the upcoming annual Opera America conference in Pittsburg. They also mentioned a successful Ontario member roundtable meeting with over 65 delegates, which had breakout discussions on education, opera outside the GTA, and human resources / burnout.

If you are a Professional Company Member and would like to take part in future meetings, or if you would like to discuss your eligibility to become a member at the level Professional Company, please email