Export Readiness Event – Minutes and Supporting Documents Released

The Association for Opera in Canada, in collaboration with Fascinator Management, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Trade Commissioner Service, conducted a successful export readiness seminar. The seminar aimed to assist opera companies and artists in exploring international markets. Here are the highlights:

  1. The event brought together 32 attendees, ranging from large opera companies to independent artists.
  2. The seminar provided valuable insights on international market exploration and establishment.
  3. The International Business Development strategy of the Association for Opera in Canada was presented, serving as a guide for global expansion.
  4. Dani Fecko shared market activity knowledge, including trends and effective strategies for market penetration.
  5. Details about the Fall 2023 Delegation to the Opera Europa conference in Malmo/Copenhagen were provided.
  6. Pierre-Louis Pinel discussed the resources and support available through the Canada Council for the Arts.
  7. Jeffrey Crossman explained the role of Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service in facilitating international trade and partnerships.

The export readiness seminar equipped attendees with knowledge and resources to thrive in the global opera industry. The minutes and supporting documents from the seminar, including links and attachments, are available for further review and reference. Opera companies and artists seeking to expand their international reach are encouraged to access these valuable resources.

Links and Attachments

  1. Association for Opera in Canada’s International Business Development strategy document
  2. Fall 2023 Delegation to Copenhagen / Malmo details and application form
  3. Video of Full Session (Available at this link through June 16, 2023; available upon request to j_klein@opera.ca June 17-Dec 31, 2023)

Slide Decks:

  1. Intro to Export Readiness
  2. Module 1: A tour of AOC’s International Market Development Strategy
  3. Module 2: Market Activity Knowledge
  4. Module 3: On Delegations
  5. Module 4: On Canada’s Creative Export Strategy & Canada Council Arts Abroad
  6. In lieu of Module 5: Trade Commissioner Service, the Service invites you to be in touch with their regional representatives at this link: https://www.tradecommissioner.gc.ca/offices-bureau-canada.aspx?lang=eng

For those applying to participate in the Fall 2023 delegation to Copenhagen / Malmo, please especially note: Module 1, Slides 10 and 11, The Delegation Brand (18:16 in the video below)