Introducing’s Summer Team – The Portfolio Artist Collective is thrilled to announce that our summer team consists of seven incredibly talented emerging artists/administrators. Calling themselves the Portfolio Artist Collective, they will each be responsible for distinct projects and duties that embrace not only their varied interests and pursuits offstage but their enduring commitment to being artists as well. Working remotely from coast to coast, our virtual office is buzzing with excitement as the team tackles their new projects!

Meet our Portfolio Artist Collective:
Andrew Adridge, Operations Associate
Vanessa Croome, Social Media Associate
Rebecca Cuddy, Indigenous Advisor
Jaclyn Grossman, Programs Associate
Maia Journeau, Digital and Advocacy Associate
Alex Koutelias, Membership & Fundraising Associate
Ryan McDonald, Strategic Projects Associate also welcomes Sue Edworthy as Communications Consultant in charge of our overall Communication strategy for our milestone 20th anniversary year.

(Image, Top Row (L-R):  Andrew Adridge, Vanessa Croome, Rebecca Cuddy, Jaclyn Grossman. Bottom Row (L-R): Maia Journeau, Alex Koutelias, Ryan McDonald)