Launch – Canadian Version – Professional Opera Survey / Annual Field Report- Fiscal 2022

Deadline Update: September 8, 2023, 11:59pm Eastern Time

The Professional Opera Survey plays a vital role in our advocacy efforts to retain and increase Federal Funding. It is organized on an annual basis by OPERA America, and offered to Association for Opera in Canada as part of our Service Agreement with them.

We receive a Canada-specific version of the results when we achieve a statistically significant number of repeat responders over time.

Participation is an eligibility requirement for those companies who wish to apply for:

  1. OPERA America Grants (where Canadian companies are eligible)
  2. Association for Opera in Canada delegations, and other projects that offer funding assistance.

For CADAC participants

If you are a CADAC participant, save your staff time and use the short form!

Preparatory Documents

New this year! We have created preparatory spreadsheets for CADAC users, designed to be filled in in advance, by the separate departments at your organization.

Short Form Link for CADAC users:

  1. Send completed CADAC 2022 Statistical and Financial forms (in spreadsheet format, not as a PDF) to General Manager Joel Klein
  2. Complete this form:

Special offer for smaller and / or francophone organizations:

  • If you could use a hand filling out this form, Joel will be happy to do it with you as a zoom co-work session. Book him here:
  • If you are a francophone organization, upon completion of the Preparatory Document, upon request Joel can input your responses by hand into OPERA America’s surveying system.

For Non-CADAC Participants

How to Get Started

  1. Go to and log in to your SMU DataArts account. Once there, you will see instructions for how to participate in the Professional Opera Survey on a banner in your dashboard.
  2. If you are new to SMU DataArts, use this link to create an account and begin the Professional Opera Survey:
  3. For help with setting up your SMU DataArts account, or to ensure you are properly enrolled in the OPERA America portion of the survey, follow this help document or contact SMU DataArts at 877.707.3282 or

Completing the Professional Opera Survey

Preparatory Documents

English: Follow this link:


There are two components to the Professional Opera Survey: The Cultural Data Profile (CDP) and the OPERA America Survey. The latter focuses on finances and artistic programming specific to the field of opera. If your company has already completed a Cultural Data Profile for FY2022, all CDP sections will be pre-filled in the POS and you can focus on the OPERA America Survey questions. Inquiries about the OPERA America Survey should be directed to OA’s Senior Research Manager, Alex Ganes, at 646.699.5243 or


Organization Identification

  1. 501(c)3 Designation: Please choose “Other Non-Profit” even if you are a Canadian Registered Charity. This may remove some irrelevant questions later on, related to 501(c)3 filing.
  2. US Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN): Please leave this blank. Do not submit your Canadian Business Number.
  3. NTEE Code: All companies should go with the following:
    1. NTEE Classification: A6A Opera
    2. NISP Discipline: Opera/Musical Theatre
    3. NISP Specialty: Opera
    4. NISP Institution Type: Performance Group
  4. W2 employees: List all employees for whom you deduct federal tax
  5. My organization is legally 2 or more entities. Am i requested to submit a separate set of survey responses for each legal entity?
    1. If possible, please combine all of your information under a single organization, and complete the survey as though that one organization undertook all of your revenues, expenses, and program activities.


  1. My organization is multidisciplinary. Do I report activities in all disciplines, or only my Opera activities?
    1. For the majority of sections, you can input your organization’s total revenue/expenses/programming figures.
    2. For the following sections you are requested to only submit information regarding your operatic activities.
      1. OPERA America Core Artistic Expenses,
      2. OPERA America Performance Information, and
      3. OPERA America Season Summary.
    3. Note: If this is unwieldy, you are invited to discuss this directly with Alex Ganes, Senior Research Manager 646.699.5243.
    4. Note: For the purposes of this survey, any staged and sung works can be considered, whether opera, oratorio, musical, or new music theatre.