Summit Feature: Opera 5 releases season one of Threepenny Submarine!


Opera 5 releases season one of Threepenny Submarine!

TORONTO, ON – Today Opera 5 releases season one of Threepenny Submarine – nine episodes of the innovative and whimsical children’s opera puppet show. This co-production with Gazelle Automations follows Iona, the cockatiel, and Lydian, the vixen, on a deep sea mission in Threepenny Submarine. Their mission goes off course when they hear a strange sound which leads to great adventures and big discoveries. The series features music by various composers from Mozart and Verdi to Dame Ethel Smyth and Louise Farrenc, and new compositions by Canadian Composers Cecilia Livingston and Ryan Trew.

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“Threepenny Submarine represents three years worth of work through the pandemic,” says Artistic Director Jessica Derventzis, “and we are so proud of the series. Opera 5 has always believed in the accessibility of opera through its power as a tool for storytelling. Threepenny Submarine features amazing music which amplifies this story and we can’t wait to share this special series with you.”

The series is puppeteered by Justin T. Lee and Lindsay Lee and features singers Caitlin Wood, soprano, Rachel Krehm, soprano, Adanya Dunn, mezzo-soprano, Scott Rumble, tenor and Clarence Frazer, baritone. The series is narrated by voice actor Melody Schaal. The chamber ensemble is led by Music Director Evan Mitchell and features musicians from the Toronto Symphony, Kingston Symphony, Hamilton Philharmonic, and from the former Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.

“Puppets have a disarming charm about them,” says General Director Rachel Krehm “and even more so when they sing! Threepenny Submarine’s whimsy is sure to capture the hearts of opera lovers, with references they are sure to enjoy. It will also catch the ears and eyes of the next generation of opera goers not only with its humour, but also with its sincere and honest message. We hope children from age 3 to 99 will watch Threepenny Submarine for years to come.”

Threepenny Submarine is available for viewing on YouTube and is free for anyone to access. This is an effort to reach children and their families, and to introduce them to the wonderful sound world of opera and the power of its storytelling capability. Exposure to the genre of opera and classical music at a young age increases the likelihood that people will continue to engage with the art form into their adulthood. Threepenny Submarine takes its cues from Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes in terms of classical music exposure.

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